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Zindagi empowers its users and the healthcare industry. Right now, we’re focusing on connecting healthcare specialists with patients, because we believe health matters.

  • Optimizing Healthcare

    Zindagi enables convenient access to verified doctors, providing its users the quality care they deserve. It facilitates patients by allowing them to book appointments through our app, while at the same time facilitating physicians by providing them patient profiles and EMR’s. What’s more, if you’re a health specialist, Zindagi provides you with a Clinical Module that can help your practice grow.

  • Ease of Health

    Zindagi can help patients maintain their EMR’s, connect with doctors through an easy-to-use app, find doctors and schedule appointments. We know that an accessible healthcare system is a better healthcare system.

  • For the Professionals

    For a doctor, Zindagi provides the opportunity to enhance their online presence, facilitate patient care, earn exceptional ratings- everything Zindagi offers will help doctors to significantly improve their practice. Connect yourself to thousands of patients through Zindagi!

The Clinical Module lets you transform your practice with an advanced patient management system

Zindagi lets you easily manage your practice; our multi-view calender and drag-and-drop patient appointment scheduling systems render managing appointments accessible and convenient. We empower your practice managers through software that allows for confirmed appointments and bookings across locations, verifies patient's insurance status, and lets patients check-in.

The Zindagi clinical module syncs with the app, letting healthcare professionals take control of their practice.

  • View patient schedules and appointment details
  • Schedule off days, so your patients know when they can call on you
  • Generate receipts and track patient information- it’s never been easier

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