Over 1,000 people suffering from Dengue in Peshawar


The number of Dengue cases is on the rise in Peshawar with over 1,000 people affected by the disease. The number is expected to go up if proper measures are not taken.

Pakistan suffered its first severe Dengue epidemic in 2010, when over 21,000 people were diagnosed with it, with a large number of patients from Punjab. In the following summer of 2011, it was reported that 300 people had died from Dengue, including MPA Mumtaz Jajja. Since then, Dengue cases have been recurrent in Pakistan. While the Punjab government has become very vigilant regarding its prevention over the years, the KPK government has been completely taken aback by this sudden onset of Dengue.

Given the alarmingly high number of Dengue patients in Peshawar, the Punjab Health Department (PHD) has stepped in to help the KPK government curb the situation. Keeping all the political differences aside, the Punjab and KPK governments have come together and are fighting to save precious lives from succumbing to Dengue.

A team of medics from Punjab reached Peshawar about three days ago. Moreover, the number of health mobile units of the PHD being dispatched to Peshawar have been increased to three. Under the ‘Karwan-e-Sehat’ campaign, medical teams have been treating patients living in the Tehkal and Safaid Dheri for three consecutive days now while more cases have sprouted in Faqirabad, Khyber Colony, Pishta Khara and surrounding areas.

Since Saturday, five new cases of dengue have been reported according to Dr. Matloob-ul-Hassan, who is in-charge of Punjab Government’s mobile health unit. Moreover, local hospital sources say that about 5 people have succumbed to the disease. But this number is varying according to different sources. Some citizens say that up to 10 people have died due to dengue while a member of the district administration said that only one person had died so far.

In order to prevent more people from succumbing to Dengue, proper precautionary measures need to be taken on an individual level as well. Following are some of the steps people from Peshawar could take:

  1. The most important thing is to make sure that one’s house is properly sealed and windows are in place so that mosquitoes and other insects can’t come inside.
  2. When Dengue is at a rise it is imperative that people living near the hot zones dress properly, wear long-sleeved clothes, and avoid wearing shorts. This improves your chances of not getting bitten by a mosquito.
  3. We can’t stress enough how important it is to wear mosquito repellent whether inside or outside the house.
  4. Care should be taken to reduce mosquito habitat and make sure there are no stagnant puddles of water. Furthermore, gardens can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and hence should be sprayed as well.

News Source – Geo

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