5 Ways To Lose Weight Without Even Trying


Unless you were born with a naturally slim physique, staying in great shape is the one thing that most of us find hard to achieve. We recently did a feature on the ten food items you should avoid for instant weight loss. While those things do work, we all know how hard it can be to let go of french fries or indulging in your favorite brand of chocolate. You need a lot of dedication and perseverance in order to remove things from your diet that you love most. However, lucky for us dieting and exercising are not the only ways to shed those extra pounds and stay in shape.

So today we give you a round up of 5 proven ways that can help you lose weight and stay in shape without even trying.

1. Make water your go-to drink

You’ll do yourself a huge favor if you make water your go-to drink. This isn’t a very difficult feat, take it from someone who has done this. Keep a water bottle with you wherever you go. Be it your workplace, a party, or a dinner at a fancy restaurant. If you keep your water bottle close you’d be less inclined to order sodas or other sugary drinks. Once you’ve adopted this healthy habit not only will it do wonders for your skin but you’ll also start witnessing a drop in your weight. Plus, if you happen to be on a diet you’ll lose more weight by increasing your water in-take as compared to someone who drinks less water.

2. Snack on fruits & vegetables

A study from Cornell University suggests that people who keep healthier food items on their kitchen counter weigh 13 pounds less than people who don’t. If you keep fruits and vegetables close to rather than a pack of chips or biscuits you’re doing yourself a huge favor. Fruits and vegetables are full of fiber, natural sugar, and are very hydrating. Plus they’ll keep you more full and you’d feel less inclined to eat other things.

3. Don’t eat too quickly

Grabbing a quick bite to eat or eating too quickly is the worst trick you could play on your body. Doing this will make your body think that it has not had sufficient food to eat and your brain will signal you for another meal. As a result you’ll end up consuming more calories than you actually need. No matter how busy your schedule is always make time to have a proper meal. Don’t eat while working or while watching something.

4. Walk more often

Walking is the best exercise there is. Don’t drive when you can easily walk somewhere. Most of us have a very sedentary lifestyle that requires us to sit and work most of the time. In such a case jump at every opportunity you get to go for a walk. If your workplace is near your house, walk there. If your hostel is near your university campus, walk there. In the worst case scenario if you don’t get any opportunity to walk, climb stairs in sprints of 5-10 minutes and repeat this at least 4 times a day.

5. Keep limited cash for grocery shopping

The easier access you have to junk food, the more you’ll eat it and the bigger your waist will get. When you go grocery shopping keep just enough cash to get all the important things. This way you’ll steer clear of the junk food aisle and do yourself a huge favor.

These are just some of the habits we feel contribute to keeping one’s weight in check. But if you have more questions regarding your diet or weight loss, you can reach out to nutritionists from Lahore available on myZindagi.

Faryal is a 25-year-old fitness freak who spent the better part of her life chomping burgers but now likes to indulge in a healthy salad.