These are the top dermatologists in Lahore for all your skincare woes


Most people take their skin for granted. Not drinking enough water, going to sleep with your make up on, forgetting to put on sunblock are some of the grave mistakes you can make that will come back to haunt you later in life. The worst part is that bad skin care habits start to manifest on your skin for the rest of the world to see. Which is why skin-related issues are often related to personal confidence. We recently talked about homemade remedies for a healthy, glowing skin and believe us when we say that they do work. You just need to be persistent with them.

However, sometimes home remedies are not enough to curb full-fledged skin diseases. We wouldn’t even suggest you take such matters into your own hands. Since finding a great dermatologist can be a little tricky, we’re here to sort that out for you. Here are some of the top dermatologists / skin specialists in Lahore:

1. Dr. Muhammad Azam Bukhari

Dr. Azam Bukhari is a consulting dermatologist / skin specialist with very impressive qualifications and over 35 years of experience. He holds multiple degrees including an MBBS, FCPS, and an FCPS. Plus he is also affiliated with the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council. Dr. Bukhari provides treatments for Eczema, Scabies, Vitiligo, Herpes, Warts, and Acne with a nominal consultation fee of PKR 1,500. He practices at the Skin Laser Point Clinic and you can book an appointment here.

2. Dr. Shagufta Shafi

Dr. Shagufta Shafi holds an MBBS and MD degree is affiliated with the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council and has over 35 years of experience. Her expertise lies in the areas of skin allergies, psoriasis, syphilis, warts, acne, eczema, and scabies. She also performs procedures like Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Chemical Peel, Microdermabrasion, among several others. You can book an appointment with her to get a consultation for just PKR 1,500. She currently practices at the Lahore Laser Clinic.

3. Dr. Mohammed Tauqir Ahmad

Dr. Tauqir Ahmad is an experienced cosmetic surgeon. After getting his degrees in MBBS and MBCAM from the UK, he now provides consultation as a cosmetologist at Signature Skin Care. He also has expertise as a dermatologist and skin care specialist. You can get a consultation with him for PKR 2500.

4. Dr. Sehrish Riaz

Dr. Sehrish Riaz is considered one of the pioneers of aesthetic medicine in Lahore. She got her MBBS from the University of Lahore and her Master’s degree from the University of Bristol. You can book an appointment with Dr. Sehrish for PKR 2,500 at The All Perfect Beauty Clinic where she provides consultation and services as an aesthetician, cosmetologist, and skin care expert.

5. Prof. Dr. Sabrina Suhail Pal

Prof. Dr. Sabrina Suhail got her MBBS from the King Edward Medical University and later went on to get her FCPS and MCPS degrees as well. She has an experience of over 35 years in the field of dermatology and treats eczema, scabies, vitiligo, herpes, warts, acne among other skin related disease. You can get a consultation with her for PKR 3,500. Book your appointment here.

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