Choti Eid aur Barha Pait

Mota Pait

Eid is now over and we already miss those tasty Samosa, Pakora, fruit chaat, that yummy bowl of sher khuwarma, halwa puri for breakfast and what not. Trust me, I am still getting a picture of naan paaye in my head right now and I cannot shake it off. Every year we promise to stay on the healthy track and every year all it takes is our very first iftaar invitation and one Eid party which destroy all our promises to stay fit. Choti Eid brings all the methi delights with it and quite frankly no one can resist the temptation. The moment we see that bowl of Sher Khuwarma, we just start drooling. To be honest, you should not resist the temptation either because Methi Eid comes only once a year. We do not get that ammi ke hath ka meetha every day.

But all those yummy things in our belly we start to feel the guilt. By the time we realize our promises to our body, we step on the weighing scale and there it is that mini heart attack we get. In that moment, it seems as if the weighing machine is lying to us but our body doesn’t lie. We know that we have gained weight when we are barely able to button our jeans anymore or in case of women we try to hide our barha pait with loose shirts and layers of dupatta. Some of us blame bloating or water retention and console ourselves that it will go away in less than a week. Trust me when I say no sweetheart, we enjoyed our food now we’ll have to spend some quality time to burn it off.

It happens to everybody. It happens every year. There is nothing we can do about it. Human mind gets tempted there is nothing that can stop us from gulping down that yummilicious food. Hang in there fellas, we are all here with you. We are all staring at the weighing scale and trying to create a strict diet chart in our minds to shed those pounds off in flicker of seconds.

For foodies yet fitness freaks like us here are some of the tips which will prove helpful to aid your weight loss journey:

Don’t Pay Attention to those Snarky Comments

To all the touchy fellows out there hiding behind people and avoiding that dreadful comment “OMG you have gained weight”. Stop right there. Don’t listen to people. And for heaven’s sake “DO NOT pass that comment”. It is downright cruel of someone to point out our flabby belly. Ok we get it that you are blessed with good genes and can get away by eating anything and everything but that does not give you the right to point fingers at others. If someone passes that comment on you give them a nice smack on the head and move on. It’s none of anybody’s business except yours. If you feel you need to shed off those extra pounds then work on it.

OMG you have gained weight

Patience…It Didn’t Happen Overnight… You Cannot Lose it in a Day

Ever heard of the quote, “Patience is the key to success”??? Yes, its true. Especially after Ramazan, our bodies are out of synchronization because of the routine, disturbed sleeping hours and eating habits. Don’t think you can magically lose all that weight in a day or even a week. Give your body some time to get back to the routine.

Starvation means less weightless more frustration

Did your neighbor or friend or kitty party aunty told you about a less than 1000 calorie diet that works wonders and help you lose weight fast? Here is a tip for you: if you lose weight with a fad diets you’ll gain it all back as soon as you are off that diet. In some cases, more weight because your body goes into starvation mode and starts storing fat. Drop that diet plan like a hot potato and start eating healthy.

Starvation means frustration

Only lifestyle changes and healthy food can help you lose your excess weight permanently. Starvation mode also makes you moody and frustrated. Please we don’t need a bunch of weightless obsessed zombies running everywhere ready to bite the head off everyone around them or take their anger out on innocent coworkers.

A Crazy Gym Session?? You are just exhausting yourself

This is true for everybody. Once we see that weighing scale moving East, we all go crazy followed by that one hour even crazier session on the treadmill. Let’s agree on one thing, we all want to get that perfect body in less time so we start going to gym as if we’ll start seeing results overnight. Let me tell you one thing straight, you won’t. Losing weight takes time. Those crazy sessions at the gym in a useless effort to lose weight in a couple of days just exhaust us and we feel more tired than ever. Some of us quit gym because we are tired and exhausted all the time and we don’t see the weighing scale budging. Please have some patience. Give your body some time to heal. Start with a walk, then move to the gym and weight lifting.

Love your body and feed it with healthy food. We have had our share of junk food over the month of Ramazan and Eid and quite frankly we enjoyed it. We know its frustrating seeing all your effort going down the drain. But trust me, weight loss journey takes time and patience. It certainly does not happen in a week. Give yourself time. Pamper your mind and body. Eat healthy food. And slowly build up your exercise routine. Once you are on this healthy track you’ll start shedding weight and get back in shape till then hang in there lovelies we are with you and we love you as it is.

P.S. Coming from some who is writing this article at the same time she is squeezing her post eid belly in her jeans that makes her look like as if she is 9 months pregnant ready to pop any time. Yes the button of my jeans is barely hanging in there as well.



  1. Now How I can lose my wait Now. Its increase 85 Kg when I am 35 years now. I want Masimum 65. Please advoise me.
    Best Regards,
    M Imran Malik

    • Hi Imran,

      yes, you can loose your weight. For expert(Doctors) opinion, ask you questions at myZindagi’s forum here. or just download myZindagi app and get free live consultation with qualified General Physicians.