The Eastern Beauty Myth About Skin Fairness

Skin Fairness in Pakistan

Me, first thing in the morning: Clear skin, no dark circles, soft glow thanks to a healthy diet. I do look nice today. Win!

My mum as soon as I show her my face: Dhoopon mein jaa jaa ke rang kaala kar liya hai! Aise moonh vaali ke saath kaun shaadi karay ga?

Instant downer.

And the plague of our society.

Gora rang.

Of course, intelligence, personality, physical fitness, even domestic skills don’t hold a candle to the power of the white skin.

The problem; we’re a brown race

The solution; Fairness creams!

Paraded like the beauty industry’s ultimate gift to womankind, fairness creams reign supreme in our unfortunately tan worlds. But what takes them out of the box of comedy relief and into the box of danger is the fact that they don’t just poison our minds, they are literally poison.

Just last week we were once again reminded by international researchers that, no, it isn’t pure magic in these creams that lightens skin colour, it is mercury, an element so poisonous that even the slightest exposure can have serious health hazards.

But we are talking about a group that will happily embrace a chronic vitamin D deficiency, but God forbid if we get a tan!

Do we really sound sensible on paper?

Do we really have our priorities sorted?

Is it really so hard to love ourselves and each other without making the colour of our skins a deciding factor?

Points to ponder!

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