Facts About Healthy Fats And How To Get Them

Healthy Fats Facts


So today I am on a mission to bust a myth. A myth that I am personally offended by. And the myth is:

Fat is unhealthy

No, I am not talking about people being overweight, i.e. fat. I am referring to an entire food group that has been synonymised with poison for decades.

So unfair. Fats most definitely feel discriminated against. I am certain if they were people they would sue us for defamation.

Because that is precisely what it is. We have ruined the good name of healthy fats for decades under the false belief that they are on a mission to clog our arteries, multiply our fat deposits and give us heart attacks. That’s akin to saying that all mushrooms are poisonous. Of course a large number of them are, but clearly not all of them! Imagine Chinese cuisine without shiitake. That is too sad a thought to be entertained.

So here I am, making a case for fats.

Allow me to educate you

There are three types of fats, unsaturated, saturated, and trans. The ones you do want to avoid are saturated fats, which are mainly animal fats found in nature in solid form, and trans fats, the hydrogenated form found in processed foods.

But unsaturated fats are pure gold. Found in plants, seafood, seeds and nuts, these fats are a key ingredient for good health. Their benefits include:

Easier fat loss

Yes. You read that right. Healthy fats don’t add to your fat deposits, they help you Lose fat from your body! I bet you haven’t heard better news from the world of food recently.

And the formula is simple. I shall use makeup to help explain.

Waterproof makeup, as you may know, is oil based. So is the makeup remover specifically designed for waterproof makeup, and it is so for one simple reason; oil dissolves oil and washes it away.

This is exactly how good fats work. Since they naturally exist in a liquid state, they literally dissolve and clean out solid fat deposits in the body, and in some instances they even help clear blood vessels clogged by fat deposits.

If this isn’t a case for healthy fats, I wonder what is.

Better reproductive health

Upset about your thunder thighs? Don’t be! And your best friend here is science.

A healthy amount of fat in the body is absolutely crucial to maintaining regular cycles, process and circulate hormones and conceive and deliver.

But things don’t end there. Turns out, women don’t deposit just any kind of fat on their thighs. This is the home of the wonder-fat: Omega-3.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Well, allow me to explain.

Found in all things considered healthy, such as fish and nuts, Omega-3 fats have the proud distinction of being the fat that makes up the human brain. Having done the math, scientists have now found out for sure that during pregnancy, it is these Omega-3 fat deposits that are used to develop the baby’s brain.

Translation: healthy fat deposits on thighs = smart babies

Better skin
As much as we try to deny it, vanity is definitely the vice of choice for most of us. And why not? Who doesn’t want to look lovely?

The thing is, living solely on proteins isn’t the way to go about it.

An average amount of pure, healthy fats bring a fresh glow to our skins and help clean away toxins that might make it dull.

Of course moderation is key. Even overdoing plain water can be disastrous, so make sure that as good as they are for you, don’t binge, even if they are healthy fats.

Follow the principle and you look better, feel better, grow smarter and get stronger.

I believe justice has been served.

So let’s show good fats some love, shall we?