Ghulab Wait … No Only Jamun

Jamun seller in Lahore, Pakistan

Oh did we accidentally activate your taste buds and sweet tooth? Too Bad but we have something even better and nutritious for you today. Can you guess that unique purplish black color fruit flooding the market these days with a sweet and tangy taste to it? Yes we are talking about Jamun also known as Java Plum. Every fruit has its own health benefits but this low calorie fruit is a perfect choice for many reasons this summer. Whether it’s the Jamun fruit, or its seeds or the leaves or the bark of this fruit’s tree…this fruit is packed with medicinal values and used as home and ayurvedic remedy for many diseases.

So lets just forget about ghulab jamun for 5 minute and highlight the health benefits of this miracle fruit we can easily grab this summer.

Safe Meetha for Diabetics

Yes. You heard us correctly. Jamun fruit is not only sweet and tangy in taste but also a good remedy for people suffering from higher levels of blood sugar. Its lower glycemic index makes it perfect and safe to be used by diabetic patients. Consumption of Jamun converts starch and sugar into energy hence regulating the levels of blood sugar to a significant percentage. The seed of the fruit in dried and powdered form is used as natural home remedy for controlling sugar level in diabetic patients.

Purify Blood and Purify your Skin

Suffering from acne? Allergies? Or any other diseases caused by infection in blood? Jamun is the fruit for you this summer. Jamun is packed with vitamin C and adequate amount of iron. It not only purifies blood but also helps improve the hemoglobin count in some patients. For those always looking for a good natural power food jamun should be your priority. For those fighting horrible acne grab the dried seeds of jamun crush them make a paste with milk and apply it on the acne directly. You can thank us for the results later.

Benefits of Jamun

Chota Fruit Strong Immune System

Higher levels of Vitamin C in Jamun fruit makes it perfect for developing a strong immune system. Having a strong immune system means your body is ready to fight most of the diseases on its own even prevent cancer. Its anti-oxidant properties make the fruit perfect choice for fighting the free radicals in the body

Digestive Issues… Jamun to Rescue

Indeed the fruit can cure a large number of diseases and digestive disorder is one of them. This amazing fruit works wonders with ulcers and diarrhea. Jamun has antibacterial properties and can be used to treat mild infections of digestive system. It also helps regulate the bowel system of the body. Munch on this fruit with a hint of black salt and say goodbye to constipation. Yes you are welcome.

Trying to Lose Weight? Snack on Jamun

This low glycemic index and low calorie fruit is a perfect choice for those trying to lose weight. Jamun is packed with nutrients and high in water content… an ideal snack for weight conscious people. See now you can have your evening snack without thinking about the calories or fat content of the snack.

Nature provides us with some super foods which are packed with nutritional benefits. We just need to explore their benefits. However, moderation is the key with anything and everything. If it’s a fruit packed with nutrients does not mean you can consume it mindlessly. Eat in moderation and enjoy the benefits.