Healthy Morning Routines to Start a Perfect Day

Healthy morning routine

We all know what is said about first impressions. So why not put a good impression on the first few moments of every morning? After all, the only thing we can be absolutely certain of is that a good start is much more likely to give you a good day than anything else. Well, except maybe miraculously good fortune. Let’s be honest though, that doesn’t that happen nearly as often as we’d like.

But, no one can stop us from starting our mornings on a healthy note buzzing with energy!

Here’s how:

Task of the Day

I seriously doubt there has been a single day in your conscious life where you had absolutely nothing to do. At all. If there is, kindly swap your life with mine. I am not joking.
For all those like me who are living a normal life, we will do ourselves well by adopting the simple habit of picking one most important task of the day. It could be anything, from getting your hair trimmed to taking down that super daunting challenge at work, just pick it and make it your priority.

Assigning yourself daily goals will go a long way in getting your life in order, and they will always leave you feeling like you accomplished something.

Come on, you knew this was coming.

Physical movement = endorphins = happiness.


Whether you sign up at a gym to follow an intense fitness regimen or stick to a few jumping jacks in the safety of your room, the point is to get yourself moving. Not only will you get better blood flow and high energy, but for all those looking to lose a pound or two, I promise you, this is your best bet to accomplish your goal.


If you want to feel good, you have got to eat good. And it’s not even that difficult really. Just a basic combination of food groups; lean protein (eggs), healthy fat (unsalted white butter), slow digesting carbs (whole wheat bread), and some seasonal fruit.
Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?

Good. It should.

As they say, eat breakfast like a king. Or queen. You know what I mean.

A Glass of Water with Lemon

Anybody feeling slightly guilty about that muffin-top, protruding gut or the new chin you’re growing? Perhaps you’re trying to tell yourself that it’s baby fat and it’ll go away. It probably isn’t, and it probably won’t. Or maybe you just don’t like the feeling that your insides are clogged for half the day.

One little habit will take all three problems by the horns: lemon water.

Not lemon Tang, not lemon squash, not two spoons of sugar per 5 drops of lemon. No. Just plain old fresh lemon juice in a glass of water going down your throat, first thing in the morning. It will flush out your toxins, speed up your digestion, soothe your palette, and leave you feeling fresher than you ever thought you could be after a comfortable night in bed.

Leave Notes for Loved Ones

Whether it’s a ‘Thank you’ to your mum for breakfast, an ‘I’ll miss you’ for your spouse, or even a ‘Don’t you Dare touch my chocolate!’ for that bhooka sibling we all have (unless you’re an only child. Sorry! ), going old school and putting down words in your handwriting that embody your dynamics is a personal touch that will always bring a smile to you and your esteemed addressee.

So why not?

In a nutshell, the best mornings are those that don’t only draw you out of the world of dreams into the land of the living, they nurture every part of you as a person. They pack your body with healthy food that will give you slow and steady bursts of energy for a large part of the day, they will stretch your muscles, jog your mind, speed up your metabolism and streamline your day for you.

At the end of the day, these little habits will make your life richer and definitely leave you feeling happier.