I Have Got 99 Problems and Acne is NOT One of Them

Acne is a Problem

Let’s face it. We all have suffered from acne at some point in life. Whether they ruined your teens or appeared as a curse called adult acne they leave their marks behind and they hurt like hell.

Mostly teens suffer from acne because of changing hormones in the body with the age and their acne settle down once they reach a certain age. However, no matter what your age is, acne problem and acne scars effect your level of confidence to a large extent. Females on one hand are blessed with makeup and can cover up acne and blemishes to some extent. For males, it’s a completely different story however.

Acne left markI spent most of my teenage and early 20’s acne free. I felt blessed with my clear skin and shared my own tips and totkas with my friends and colleagues. Until one doomed day, it all started like a plague. The occasional whiteheads I used to get never bothered me because I knew I was not careful with my skin care routine. The story started with extremely oily skin, more whiteheads, occasional breakouts and before I knew it my face was covered with acne.

All my totkas, youtube DIYs, face masks failed. Mine were worst on one side of the face. Every dermatologist I visited gave me a different explanation. Some said they are hormonal and made me waste tons of money on getting my hormones checked for no reason. Some pointed out that I should drink more gallons of water. Others blamed dirt and excessive make up. Thing was, the more acne I got, more layers of makeup I added because everyone had not only started noticing them but also started pointing them out. That added on to the stress and as a result I was not only breaking out more but at the same time my self confidence level was going down. I tried layers of concealers and foundation, I tried covering my face with hair cut short into layers. Until I knew I had to figure out the main reason behind them.

Here are somethings that you need to check because trust me you know your body better than anyone else. Your body gives you signs and if you are breaking out for no reason you should re-think and check for underlying reasons because skin is one way of your body excreting toxins. If you are suffering from acne check the following reasons before seeing a dermatologist.


You know that you are suffering from hormonal imbalance when you get different symptoms. Hormonal acne and their positioning on your face are different. They usually appear along your jawline. So the next time anyone says its hormones causing acne just don’t rush to the lab. Check other symptoms first including facial hair, disturbed or delayed cycles. Don’t waste your money and don’t waste your health stressing about hormonal imbalance. Not all types of acne are hormonal.

Chill…Relax…Let Go of Stress

Relax your mindYes to a large extent if stress is not the cause of acne it definitely is the cause of the sudden spike in the frequency of your outbreaks. I noticed that my stress was linked to acne. The more people asked me about what happened to my skin, the more acne I got because of the undue stress I was taking. Calm down. We all get acne. They go away and their blemishes too with time.

Food and Water Intake

Diet to avoid acneIf you had been extremely careless with your food and water intake then yes that can be a reason of your recent outbreak. Try and avoid junk food or desserts for some time and see if that helps. Also increase your water intake to at least keep your skin hydrated. Sometimes by increasing water intake toxins are flushed out of your system along with water instead of using your skin as an outlet.

Opt for a Healthy Lifestyle

Sometimes our busy and sedentary lifestyle is the reason of sudden acne flare. Try changing your lifestyle and habits and see if that helps. Not only exercise regularly but also take care of your skin externally. Do you know about the CTM routine? Its Cleanse, Tone and moisturize. Three important things which we swear by. You should definitely start from today and make it a part of your daily routine at least once a day. Before going to bed, make sure that you remove your makeup with a good make up remover. Coconut oil is an extremely good make up remover but if you want to pick a higher end make up remover its up to you. Cleanse your face then tone with a good toner. Here again, we have rose water for your rescue in case you need a cost effective alternative. Then moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer to hydrate your skin. Repeat these steps every day and see the difference in week’s time.

Go Easy on Desi Totkas

Masking for faceAs weird it may sound, yes our DIYs and totkas most of the time don’t work. In desperation to get rid of acne we try every spice and fruit on our skin instead of eating them. Let’s just agree on this that somethings are for eating and not for applying on our face.


Check your Body’s Ph Level

Yes that’s true and one hard reality. This is the reason which probably most of us and even doctors neglect but can be the major reason. If your body’s PH level is out and there is an increase in acidity in your body that could be one of the main reasons behind your acne. At least it was in my case. I incorporated more alkaline foods in my diet and within a week my painful acne vulgaris calmed down. And apparently I had no other symptoms of an acidity. But neutralizing my body’s PH level worked.

Book an Appointment with a Good Dermatologist

Once you are done checking all your symptoms and still cannot figure out the reason then it’s time to visit a good dermatologist. You’ll be better prepared to answer all his or her questions if you have already followed the above steps and the doctor will be better able to diagnose and prescribe medication accordingly. Topical creams and in 3rd level severe acne case oral medication is also prescribed. Follow the doctor’s instructions and try a good dermatologist if you don’t want to end up with even worse acne. myZindigi recommendation is to consult Dr. Azam Bukhari from Skin Laser Point Clinic. He is one of the best dermatologist in Pakistan.