Impact of Technology – Distributing Healthcare in Pakistan



The world is not a fair place for healthcare. Humanity has evolved to the point where technology has intervened in every aspect of our life. Even in this day humans do not have access to basic medical facilities. There are approximately 15 doctors for every 10,000 people in the world. In some rural areas of developing economies this ratio in tenfold i.e. 15 doctors for every 100,000 people.

As nations the disparity between healthcare spend is astounding. Some nations spend $20 per capita others spend $6000 per capita. There is a 40 year life expectancy difference between the poorest & richest nations. 40 Years is a lifetime in itself. As humans how can we allow this to happen? All is not gloomy though. A lot of concerted efforts are being made by governments, organisations, funds, startups & individuals to provide a better eco-system for greater health impact & provision. The inclusion of outlying populations is the key to greater ‘Health Fairness’.

Technology has the greatest role to play in this. Never has humankind been blessed with so many tools to curtail & alleviate health related issues.
The delivery of high-quality care at an affordable price and in a sustainable manner will have systemic benefits in terms of ensuring healthier populations, higher productivity and better quality life.

Specifically in Pakistan the Doctor:Patient ratio is 1:1600 (Officially) in outlying regions this ratio is 1:5000 & more. Fake doctors outnumber the real ones. Deaths from largely preventable diseases are on the rise. Government Healthcare spend stands at a measly 2.5% (Including donor agencies), we can then subtract the thrift & theft from this. 80% of the Pakistani population pays ‘Out Of Pocket’.

The immediate intervention of technology is the only solution that can alleviate these issues. The impact is needed now. People do not have access to doctors right now, people are critically ill right now.
@myZindagi we honestly believe that by partnering with key stakeholders, by staying true to our mandate & by producing world class healthcare technology we can improve healthcare access for large populations.

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