How I lost 52 pounds in just 9 months with Keto Diet!


There are a bunch of diets and meal plans available in the market that vow to help you lose weight. But finding the right diet that works for you is all a matter of consistent hit and trial. We recently featured Zoha Akhter who lost 22 kgs in 9 months on a diet plan she designed herself and regular exercise. One diet in particular that has risen as a crowd favorite is the Keto Diet. People who follow Keto like to refer to it as a lifestyle and not just a diet.

Keto Diet forces your body out of Glycosis and pushes it to stay in the state of ‘Ketosis’ wherein your body has to burn fat in order to obtain energy. Our normal source of energy are Glucose and Carbs. While on Keto Diet, a person would have to go on a low carb diet and obtain a major amount of his/her energy from Fats.

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Numerous people swear by this diet. It is a little difficult to adapt but once a person gets used to it they notice rapid weight loss. Once such story we stumbled upon was that of Josh Stone, a young man in his early thirties who shed 52 pounds in just 9 months all due to Keto Diet. Here’s how he did it.

He spent his twenties gaining and losing weight

When Josh was in his early twenties, he gained a large amount of weight due to bad eating habits. He ended up gaining 257 pounds on his mini 5’8 stature. He then got into Brazilian Juijitsu and immediately lost a lot of weight. However, this happiness was short-lived as he fell back into his bad eating habits and started gaining weight rapidly. He was over 200 pounds when he was introduced to the Keto Diet.

From 216 lbs to 174 lbs

Josh weighed 216 lbs in October last year when he started the low-carb Keto Diet. In just 9 months he lost 52 pounds and is still losing weight. And he achieved this by eating just one carb per week. After losing so much weight, Josh found it much easier to move around and exercise. He went on to say, “This is the most sustainable diet. I am hesitant to use the word diet because this isn’t a diet, it is a way of life and I certainly don’t feel like I am dieting. If I am hungry I eat. Low-carb is amazing and my life as an accordion is over!”

The first two weeks are the toughest

Like we said before, Keto is a little tough getting used to. We all love deliciously cooked food, with loads of carbs and countless calories. Since in Keto Diet you avoid sugar, pasta, fruits, and vegetables that include glucose or carbs, it demands a huge change from you. Josh took his love for red meat and used it to his advantage. During the first two weeks, he made a bunch of recipes that included meats and cheeses. The best part about Keto is that you still get to eat fulfilling meals, like Josh’s favorite is a Cheeseburger Casserole!

Plan your meals ahead

Josh advises all people who want Keto to work for them to plan their meals ahead. If you don’t plan your meals then you will most definitely fail. Go shopping in the beginning of the month and stock up on low-carb food items. Since you can’t have most fruit, blueberries and raspberries will work. For vegetables, go for leafy greens. All you need to do is avoid carbs and sugary stuff so oil and cheese are your best sources of energy. Make grilled fish, chicken, or even steaks without mashed potatoes of course!

An occasional cheat day helps a lot

Once your body has gone into ketosis only then can you think of taking a cheat day by indulging in some carbs. This can actually be helpful for your body because if you’ve hit a plateau and are not losing weight, Josh says that fasting occasionally, going off Keto or eating carbs here and there can fire up your metabolism.

Once you’ve adopted Keto, it’s hard to go back

Since Keto is more of a lifestyle, once your body is in ketosis you’ll find it difficult to go back simply because you just wouldn’t want to. While on Keto, you lose weight rapidly while still eating healthy and fulfilling meals, your mind is sharper and your body is active too.

Josh Stone’s original story appeared in Ruled.

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