Natural Herbal Remedies For Migraine Headache

natural remedies of migraine

Wake up, get up, dress up, and you step out for a day that is full of work, breaks, friends and, on the whole, life.


Until that persistent buzz-kill rears its ugly head to ruin things as always: the dreaded, head-splitting migraine headache!


Such a literal pain

Whether you try every medicine under the sun or need to rush to get an injection to help relive the pain, the worst part is knowing that it will definitely come back, sometimes at the most inconvenient of moments. Yeah, ask the poor boy trying to express his feelings to the girl he’s been picturing his life with, only to get caught in a wave of dizzying pain and miss the moment because while he was nursing half his head, her bus arrived and she went home. #WeFeelYou

In the hopes of not letting this dreadful malady interfere with more lives, we bring you a nice little list of easily available herbal remedies that will be to your migraine headache what your mum’s cooking is to your taste buds, a tiny drop of heaven:

Lavender Oil
Out with bitter tasting and terrible smelling off-the-counter medicines and in with the beautifully fragranced lavender oil. Feel free to either apply it topically or add a bit to boiling water to inhale (the proportion is 2-4 drops of the oil for every three cups of water). The one thing it will definitely do is drop the pain engulfing your head and help you bounce back and go about your day as though nothing went wrong in the first place.


Tackling inflammation in every part of your body alone makes ginger a worthy ingredient to play with in your diet. But what makes it perfect for all those afflicted by dreaded migraines is that it shares the properties of sumatriptan, a commonly prescribed drug for migraines. The best part, no side effects! Just brew it into a tea and allow it to help soothe you.

Peppermint Oil

Why put just one, powerfully effective, oil in the competition ring to bypass hard-core medication? Enter peppermint. Also not that we appear to be seeing a pattern where refreshingly fragrant oils seem to be just what our sinuses need to battle the villainy that is a migraine headache. For best results, inhale it till you nail it.

Feverview (Gul-e-Dawoodi)
If you’re looking for a counterpart for ‘beauty with brains’ in the world of flora, then look no further than the lovely Fever view. This pretty white and yellow flower’s leaves can be brewed into a tea and, if taken regularly, it has been proven to lower the effect of migraine headache in the long term.

Basil Oil
Surprise surprise. Yet another amazingly aromatic oil that is just begging to ask you, “Why do you even bother with bitter pills when you have me?” When the leaf of a plant is perfect for pizza as well as salad, we really shouldn’t be surprised that it has another amazing quality tucked away just beneath our superficial observation. Rub it on the parts of your head (and anywhere else that hurts because of strained muscles for that matter) and watch your pain leave as though it was never there in the first place. Also, look up the other qualities of a basil plant and prepare yourselves to be stunned.


Care to reduce the frequency and intensity of your migraines by 50%? I’ll assume your answer is yes. And we have the just the remedy: Riboflavin a.k.a. vitamin B2. Found in a wide number of ingredients, from eggs to leafy greens and dairy, maintaining a healthy amount of this vitamin in your diet will definitely tone down the pain.

But, my dear readers, there is barely a phenomenon in existence that does not have a flip side, and these remedies are no different.

These alternate treatments for migraine headache, along with quite a few others that we shall hopefully bring to you in the near future, are simple and effective. But do remember, in the case of treatments that are being consumed orally, never let yourself go overboard. Too little won’t work, just enough is just right, but too much might make things harder instead of better.

On that pleasant note (lol) ta taa!