A Fitter, Healthier Body is Not Impossible

Weight Loss Tips

A woman has several roles to play in her lifetime. You might be a college student, a new mother, a business professional, or all of these together. Whichever stage of life you are in, health and appearance have a great effect on your overall well being and simply cannot be overlooked. Looking good makes one feel good, and vice-versa.

But because of stubborn mind-sets and outdated attitudes about dieting and exercise in Pakistan, women here may face more difficulties in maintaining a healthy weight than their counterparts around the world.

Here are some simple and effective weight loss tips that will help you shed those extra pounds instead of over-complicating the matter.

Stay Active!

This cannot be stressed enough. Simply by going for a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day, every day, will pay off enormously. For noticeable results, increase the intensity and duration as you progress. If you are mostly home and don’t get to go out much due to various responsibilities, try some easy exercises at home. Going up and down the stairs is a simple one for starters. Also, instead of spending the afternoon watching movies or TV serials, how about putting on a work-out video instead and getting your blood pumping?

Staying on your feet as much as you can throughout the day will do wonders for your metabolism. The key is to keep consistent and stay patient.

Water – the perfect drink

Did you know that the same part of the brain deciphers both hunger and thirst signals from the body? Your body may be in need of a glass of water, but the mind may be mistaking it for being hungry. Having a glass of water before your meal or when you are seeking out a snack will help curb the quantity you eat.

That being said, keep away from carbonated, sugary drinks, boxed fruit juices, and smoothies if you are serious about losing weight. The level of sugar in these is extremely high, more than you should be consuming in a day. The extra sugar ends up as fat in your body, cancelling out any other efforts you are making to melt those pounds. 

Go Green and Natural

The best foods for weight loss and staying healthy are those that don’t come in any kind of packaging. Fresh vegetables and fruits keep your cholesterol in check and your tummy full, with fewer calories than most foods. Make a salad twice a day with as many coloured vegetables as you can get. Get creative and turn these into a snack to reach for whenever you’re hungry between meals.

According to medical journals, Pakistan is the ninth most obese country on the planet. The World Health Organization states that women are far more likely to be obese than men, and in Pakistan, the situation is no different. So tear down the mental blocks that you have put up in your mind. You can lose weight, even at home if you just control what you eat and exercise more often. It’s a lifestyle change, but one that will benefit you and your loved ones for years to come.