WOW Nice Moustache!!! Compliment for Some Insult for Others

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I know this topic will hit some people at a personal level. At least I am feeling nostalgic, taking me back to my college days. I almost choked on my juice when one of my male friends passed a comment on my lack of grooming skills after a long hectic month of exams by saying “Nice Moustache”. And to be honest that was the end of our years of friendship.
I was a teenager at that time and did not understand the complicated nature of human body or its functions. I blamed myself for having those ugly thick facial hairs and I hated my friend for pointing them out. But today, I get it. I understand the fact that some of us are hairier than others. We can not only blame genetics or gender when it comes to facial hair. There are a number factors involved.

That “Mardana Muchh”

Mardana MunchFemales are not the only victims of hormones here. While a large majority of women today are fighting with the dilemma of thick facial hair there are males struggling with growing a lush beard. “Muchh nahe tey kuch nahe” and “oye teri tou darhi hie nai nikalti” are such common bully phrases men of all ages who are unable to grow out proper beard or moustache have to hear from others. And here we thought we were the only victims. Hold your guns ladies, men have been facing criticism too in their own way. In most cases, hormonal imbalance is the root cause of abnormal hair growth on different part of the body especially face. Sometimes, it’s both genetics and hormones playing a part.
For females, having normal peachy fuzz on face is quite normal. However, thick facial hair is an alarming sign that we should take some precautionary steps.

Set Up an Appointment with Your Gynecologist

I know we live in a country where regular gynecologist checkups without any reason especially when you are unmarried are ruled out as unnecessary. However, I believe in the opposite. Consult with your gynecologist at least every 6 months for a better health. In case of facial hair, she might prescribe some test to check your hormone level. Usually PCOS or obesity is the main causes behind the imbalance of hormones and growth of thick facial hair. Get treated properly. Book an appointment with our recommended doctor today Dr. Ayesha Rehman for a complete checkup. In some cases, even after the hormone levels are back to normal, the facial hair need to be treated externally through different permanents methods.

Waxing and Threading

Waxing?If you are lucky enough and your gynecologist clears you then you just have to deal with it. Yes, I can understand. I am lazy too. I have a crazy work schedule and sometimes I just don’t feel like torturing myself. I hate the torture of the thread pulling those thick hair out of my skin. And I certainly don’t like the feel of hot wax against my skin. Seriously, it seems as if the wax wali is applying hot jam on my skin just to rip it off moments later. But let’s just admit it, that is the price we all have to pay sometimes to look haseen. If not, then I have some permanent alternatives for you below.

Shaving and Hair Removal Cream

Shaving Moustache

Though a big NO NO from my side some people do prefer them for being the most painless method to get rid of extra hair. My recommendation: please do not try them on your face if you don’t want an even thicker mane on your face. And yes, they can also damage your skin permanently. But if it works for you then by all means its painless and less time consuming.

Permanent Hair Removal Methods

Thanks to technology and God bless some good Dermatologist we now have laser and electrolysis techniques to permanently get rid of thick facial hair. These techniques are still quite expensive but worth every penny as compared to the pain and time we put in to keep our skin looking tidy. Laser is more advance and less painful as compared to electrolysis. Consult your dermatologist for recommendation because sometimes they do consider the texture of the hair follicle before recommending the best possible procedure for permanent hair removal. Or book an appointment with our recommended Dr. Amin Yousaf of Cosmoplast because you should never take risk with your skin and only consults with good dermatologists.

At the end of the day, it’s your body and I believe you are beautiful even if you facial hair. But if it is hormonal imbalance then you should get yourself properly treated to avoid further complications and health issues.

Ah, sometimes I so wish I could switch places with one of those hairless guys and get a smooth face without any pain. But then again out there in the universe there is guy who is feeling guilty and bad for not being able to grow a lush beard either.