YOGA 101 For Beginners

International Yoga Day

Despite all what you read about lets just break a stereotype here. Yoga is not an exercise. Yoga is a lifestyle. It is a knowledge and synchronization of your mind and body. It is not only good for achieve mental peace and harmony but once it becomes a part of your life can also help reduce stress and relieve symptoms of different diseases.

Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques which we can master through yoga are the ultimate way to master the art of yoga. Just sit cross legged. Sitting pose with your hands clasped together. Close your eyes and let go of the thoughts, emotions and reactions which come to your mind. Focus on positive things in your life and train your mind to let go of things. Mastering the art of breathing leads to peace of mind hence relax your mind and body as well.

Achieve Inner Peace through Yoga

Have you always wondered why so many people link yoga to inner peace and harmony? Its because yoga teaches to have a control over your breathing and your chakras which control everything in the human body. Once you master the art of breathing then you can easily achieve that inner peace we all long for in this age and time. The tree pose helps you achieve inner peace. It reminds us that we trust our roots and stand on one leg. Bend your right knee and pull your right foot upwards along your left thigh as high as possible. Balance your body weight on one leg, focus on something and try not to become rigid in the process.

Relax Your mind and Body

Yoga is all about relaxation, harmony and breathing technique. If you love yourself, then take out some time and practice simple yoga techniques to heal our mind and soul from the daily exertion. We all have busy lives and we all want a healthy long life. Yoga opens the door to inner peace which can help us lead a stress-free harmonious life. Sitting meditation plays an important role in this regard. Sit with your legs folded and your hands on your thigh. Relax your mind. Breathe. Focus on positive things.


Yoga is one of the best ways to achieve a flexible body. The receptor in our body function well once they learn to balance out the load on muscle fibers. Improvement in muscle contraction and muscle tissue help us stretch our body. The warrior poses and their variations are a good way to achieve these goals. Hold your hands out and bend on side of your body. Engage the muscles of your lengthened body. Breathe and relax.

Fat Yoga… Skinny Yoga???

Breaking another stereotype that if your body is not flexible enough due to weight you can not do yoga. Whether you weigh 150 pounds or 300 pounds, yoga is for everyone. The only thing that matters is your control over your breathing and the flexibility of your body. Today just make peace with your body and start with simple yoga poses. It will not only aid your weight loss goals but at the same time reduce your stress levels which is crucial for your weight loss journey as well as your overall health

Yoga as a Way of Life

Yoga is not just an exercise, it is a way of life. As a matter of fact, it is a whole new dimension of life. Unlike other exercises, you need to adjust your time and intensity as per your level of endurance and comfort. Don’t push your limits. Be comfortable with your yoga routine and make it a part of your way of life instead of taking it as a burden or tiresome routine workout to lose weight.

Continuity and Moderation are the Keys

Yoga is all about continuity and consistency, however don’t move to complex exercise and yoga poses initially. Start with simple and move towards complex poses. Focused breathing is extremely important in each pose of yoga. If your pose is limited by the flexibility of your body then proceed to advance poses with extreme caution. In each pose, listen to your body and enhance the pose accordingly.

Basic Rules for Yoga

  • Breathing is the most important part of yoga.
  • It is better to practice yoga at an empty stomach. Early morning is better but there should be a gap of at least 2-3 hours from your last meal if you are
  • Yoga is all about flexibility and breathing techniques so you should focus on these two the most
  • Modify postures as per your body’s flexibility. Do not over burden yourself just go with the flow
  • Invest in a good yoga matt
  • Try to take control of your sleeping patterns.

Once you master simple poses, we recommend you join an advance level yoga class where an instructor can guide you properly with your smooth transition between different advance level poses.
Here are some of our recommendations if you are looking for good yoga teachers or classes in your area: