Kindly help me - Assalam o Alaikum Doc Sb, Mjhe head ma kafi pain rehta ha jun he temp brhta ha garmi ki shiddat brhti ha sir ma pain hona shru ho jata ha, Kch tasty cheeze khaa lo tou pait khrab ho jata ha,Kindly tell me the way of treatment to get rid of them

Posted by: AB Rehman



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    Dr. Ghulam Sughra

    General Physician - 6 years experience

    21 Apr, 2017

    Wsalam mr.rehman headache has many types ,many causes and very common issue. In your case it seems to be dehydration you need to drink plenty of water and fresh juices and take tablet.synflex 550mg one at morning time and one in evening for 2 days.For stomach issue need a bit details that what sort of problem you have ,are you having any dirrhea or acidity ,stomach pain?you need to avoid all the spicy food for some time .take tab.zentec 150mg once daily for 7 days and take syrup mucain 2 ×Tsf three times a days thanks


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