I hAve multiple frakles on face hand and feet please guid me best treatment


Posted by: Naimatullah Channa , 26 years



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    Dr. Ghulam Sughra

    General Physician - 6 years experience

    13 Sep, 2017

    The exposure to UVB radiation activates melanocytes to increase melanin production, which can cause freckles to become darker and more visible. Freckles are predominantly found on the face, although they may appear on any skin exposed to the sun, such as arms or shoulders.
    Not everyone's skin will improve with similar treatments, and freckles can often recur with repeated UV exposures. Bleaching or fading creams: Products containing hydroquinone and kojic acid can be applied you can get it by name of meladerm cream apply this at night time for 2 to 3 weeks.Apply sunblock spf 60,Also you need to improve your diet by taking more proteins and Drink plenty of water .I would suggest you to start taking supplements such as perfectil plus once a day for at least 1 month.
    Follow this regime for atleast 2 to 3 months hopefully you will see good results.
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