my granson age 8 year weight 33 kg at present suffering fever fron 100 to 103 3 to 4 time daily about half an hour. medicin used calpol 6pluscefspan cefiget febrol brufen dollar rullin 40mgtitan 2g iv 2 day inoceff inj.5 days. please advise me

Posted by: Laeeq Zafar , 8 years



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    Dr. Salman Anwar

    General Physician - 3 years experience

    04 Jul, 2018

    Sir has the child undergone any blood tests or investigations??
    Generally high grade fever can be due to several causes like typhoid, dengue, malaria, pyrexia of unknown origin, respiratory tract infections and the list would go on.
    Supportive management in such cases would be to give the child panadol syrup and cold sponging to decrease the temperature of the body to the point it is not harmful.
    Definitive diagnosis would only be based upon investigations, baseline in this case including blood tests and chest x ray if there is some history.


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