My mother aged 37 have fever from last 3 days she also have cough and have breathing difficulty due to her asthma problem she also has a lot of weakness so what she do or what medicine she should take

Posted by: Ifra Zaheer , 37 years



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    Dr. Noreen Waseem

    General Physician - 10 years experience

    13 Feb, 2018

    Is she already on any medicines for her asthma?. For Complete history and advice please call at 042 35852314. or download the app to make FREE Video Consultation. Andriod: iOS: All these services are free of cost.


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      Ifra Zaheer

      Yes she is taking ventolin( exohaler) For her asthma

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      Dr. Ghulam Sughra

      miss ifra I would suggest you to call on myzindagi live app for more advise.

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      Mohammad Asghar

      Ideally she needs to be seen by a GP for appropriate management. In the meantime, go to your nearest chemist, pick up some prednislone 5mg tablets and take 6 tablets in the morning for 5-7 days depending on whether her symptoms improve. Also get some amoxicillin 500mg tabs and take three times a day for 5 days if she has signs of infection, e.g fever, coughing up purulent mucous..etc

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