my toddler just switched from aptamil to nido 1 and having severe constipation.kindly suggest is this dur to milk and how to treat

Posted by: Ayesha Tahir , 3 years



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    Dr. Salman Anwar

    General Physician - 3 years experience

    13 Sep, 2017

    It seems that the age of your child is 3 years. If that is the case than the constipation is most likely due to lack of fiber in the kid's diet. Switching to nido 1 does not usually cause constipation. The stool bulk is mostly made by foods rich in fibers. Are you giving your child anything other than nido 1? How long has the constipation been?
    If you are feeding the child only nido then i would recommend you should add cereal/wheat in the diet as well. Fibers would aid in forming the bulk of stool and the constipation would be relieved.
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