salam sir I m 30 years old lady n suffering from high depression specially after the birth of my second baby I can't control my anger n mostly the victim is my elder son. plz suggest me something or I will visit to u

Posted by: Zoya Farooq , 30 years



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    Dr. Ghulam Sughra

    General Physician - 7 years experience

    12 Nov, 2018

    Postpartum depression , also called postnatal depression, is a type of mood disorder associated with childbirth, Symptoms may include extreme sadness, low energy, anxiety, crying episodes, irritability, and changes in sleeping or eating patterns.
    About 90% of women who have postpartum depression can be treated successfully with medication or a combination of medication and psychotherapy. Participation in a support group may also be helpful.
    I would suggest you to get a complete blood count and send report at so that we can guide you further accordingly.
    I am also referring you some specialists whom you can consult and get a complete physical examination as well.

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    Dr. Nyla Shafiq Chaudry

    Psychiatrist , 25 years experience


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